Gongbei port of entry to undergo renovations


The Zhuhai government will invest RMB416.26 million (US$61.96 million/MOP499.20 million) to renovate the checkpoint building and weather-proof corridor of the Gongbei port of entry, according to an official announcement.
The Development and Reform Bureau of the neighbouring city, north of Macau, said the renovation work aims to prevent hazards, and improve customs efficiency and the port’s overall image, given that the facilities have deteriorated since the structure was first opened 18 years ago.
The works to be carried out on the premises will include renovating power lines, water and drainage pipes, fire extinguishers, central air-conditioning pipelines, and the indoor floor plan. Damaged indoor surfaces will also be repaired.
Other work to be conducted includes repairing the subterranean stilts-tier space structure with water leakage and seepage, the tiles of the external wall, the outward glass doors, and the façade.
The authorities plan to improve traffic signs and guide facilities, build a new underground parking lot, and replace the weather-proof corridor with a new single-deck space. 
During the renovation, temporary access to border-crossing inspection areas will be set up at the east and west wings.
The Zhuhai government did not provide information about the renovation schedule, nor the contractor hired for the task.

The Border Gate checkpoint, linked on the Macau side to the Gongbei port of entry, recorded some 23.5 million border-crossing movements by local residents going to mainland China during the whole year of 2016, according to data from the Macau Yearbook of Statistics 2016.
A total of some 3.84 million cross-border vehicle movements were registered during the same period.
Other land-based border-crossing activity by residents included the checkpoints of Cotai (781,800) and of the Trans-Border Industrial Park (376,500).