Gov’t charging ahead


The government has pledged, via the Energy Sector Development Office (GDSE), to install a total of 200 charging stations for electric vehicles in public car parks by 2019.
In 2016, some 60 chargers were installed in 10 different public car parks in the city and the government is attempting to install 50 more this year.
Local electricity supplier Companhia de Electricidade de Macau S.A. (CEM) is in charge of the installation and operation of the electric chargers.
According to GDSE figures, a total of 171 electric vehicles were on the road as of last month, of which 88 were light vehicles, two were heavy motor vehicles and 81 were light motorcycles.
In order to encourage the use of electric vehicles, owners will be able to use the public chargers free of charge in 2017 and 2018.
The use of the chargers requires a user card issued by CEM, which can be applied for at CEM’s customer contact centre.

Truck protection required
Meanwhile, the Transport Bureau (DSAT) announced last Sunday that it will be compulsory for light and heavy trucks, as well as semi-trailer trucks in the city, to be equipped with lateral protectors by October 11 this year, when the amended transport regulation guidelines come into effect.
Vehicles which have completed the installation of protectors before October 11 will be exempt from the inspection fee, DSAT stated.
The installation of the protectors is to prevent passers-by, scooters and bicycles from being drawn into the vehicles’ open areas.
The newly amended law also requires light scooters, on the other hand, to install two inverted mirrors.
Those who fail to pass the inspection will be required to have their vehicles re-inspected and pay the related fee.