Gov’t to reclaim four more land plots


The government announced it will reclaim possession of four undeveloped land plots occupying a total area of 12,865 square metres, according to yesterday’s Official Gazette.
Three of the four land plots are located in Seac Pai Van Industrial Zone in Coloane, for which all land concessions were granted in 1989.
The biggest allotment, exceeding 5,980 square metres in area, was granted to Companhia de Construção Cheong Kong, Limitada. According to the original agreement, the plot would accommodate an asphalt production plant and a storage facility for equipment and construction materials in addition to residential facilities for security guards on the site.
The second largest plot sitting idle in the industrial zone, occupying a total area of 3,375 square metres, was to house a 10-storey building for industrial segments and a parking lot. The plot was granted to Companhia de Desenvolvimento Imobiliário Hou Lei, Limitada.
The other plot located in Coloane, occupying an area of 2,850 square metres, was granted to Chan Hoi Kwong, for the purpose of developing several two-storey building units for dog breeding.
Another land plot to be reclaimed by the government is situated in Ilha Verde on the Peninsula. The plot, granted to Companhia de Engenharia e Indústria Guangdong (Macau), Limitada, occupies 659 square metres and was allocated for the development of a six-storey industrial building with a parking lot.
According to the law, developers have a maximum of 25 years to commence and complete development on public land under concession agreements. Those who fail to comply within the period will have their land concession declared invalid and the plots reclaimed by the government.