Gov’t to take back Canidrome’s dog-breeding plot


three more land grants in Coloane invalid, one of which was awarded to local greyhound racing track operator Macau (Yat Yuen) Canidrome Co. Ltd for dog breeding facilities.
According to yesterday’s Official Gazette, the land plot, known as Lot SK1, occupied some 5,235 square metres in Seac Pai Van Industrial Zone. The parcel was granted to the company in 1989 for building two-storey buildings for breeding purposes.
The land concession for the plot, however, expired in November 2015 while the developer had not fulfilled its development of the parcel, a dispatch by the Secretary for Transport and Public Works Raimundo do Rosario claimed.
In fact, the company is counting down the end of its business located in Fai Chi Kei on the Peninsula. The government has ordered the company to decide whether to move or shut down by July 21, 2018.
Meanwhile, the other two land concession declared invalid were Lot SL in Seac Pai Van Industrial Zone and a parcel at the junction of Estrada da Barragem de Ká Hó and Estrada de Nossa Senhora de Ká Hó in Coloane, respectively granted to Sociedade Internacional de Indústria Pedreira Limitada and Companhia de Investimento e Artesanato de Porcelana Novo Macau Limitada.
Lot SL, occupying some 17,243 square metres, was designated for a complex for rock-cutting and polishing services, while the other plot in Ka Ho, occupying 4,509 square metres, was for developing a group of three-storey buildings for the manufacture of china.
According to the new Land Law, no extension is allowed for a temporary or conditional land concession which carries a validity of 25 years if a developer fails to complete its projects on its site. Thus, such sites will be reclaimed by the government.
Since November, the government has gradually declared the invalidity of a number of land concessions in Seac Pai Van Industrial Zone or Coloane. A group of land concessionaires from the related plots have published two statements in Chinese language newspaper Macao Daily this year, claiming that the non-development of their plots were not their fault.