GPDP: No official application for debtor database


The Personal Data Protection (GPDP) said it had not yet received any official application or detailed information on the junket-proposed debtor database system from the related parties.
The Office revealed the information in an emailed statement in response to Business Daily’s recent enquiry.
Meanwhile, the city’s gaming regulator – Gaming Inspection and Co-ordination Bureau (DICJ) – said in an email that the Bureau ‘has maintained close communication with the association regarding the credit database’, stressing that ‘their database must comply with Macau’s personal data protection rules’.
Kwok Chi Chung, President of the Macau Association of Gaming and Entertainment Promoters revealed his expectation of the official establishment of the system this month, saying that the system has already passed its trials.
Mr. Kwok added then that the system would be launched once official approval from the MSAR Government was obtained.
DICJ claimed in its latest statement that its communication would continue even after the database is established.
The debtor database system, which is required to abide by the city’s Personal Data Protection Law, will include a statement in all loan contracts that debtors’ information will be saved in the database and used for reference by members of the database.