Guangdong seizes RMB13mln-worth of rights infringement goods from SARs


The Guangdong Customs seized over 200,000 goods from Hong Kong and Macau that infringed intellectual property rights in 2016, valued at over RMB13 million (MOP15.1 million/US$1.89 million), the Mainland authorities said on Monday.
According to the Customs, it confiscated the goods during 421 actions last year, saying in a press briefing that the three regions have long established co-operation in combating the circulation of goods infringing intellectual rights, such as the establishment of a special liaison mechanism as well as the exchange of information between the different Customs jurisdictions.
The head of the Guangdong Intellectual Property Office, Ma Xianming, disclosed that the Chinese office has had a meeting every two years with the Intellectual Property Department of the Macao Economic Services.
The exchange of information between the parties includes Intellectual Property (IP) patents and trademarks of the regions, said Mr. Ma.
Macao Economic Services (DSE) received 1,272 applications for intellectual property registration in the MSAR last month, up 38.7 per cent from 917 applications a month earlier, as more people requested to register trademarks.