Ho Iat Seng: Tourist numbers will become more even


President of the Legislative Assembly (AL) Ho Iat Seng said in Beijing yesterday that Macau’s tourist numbers will be more even per day, following the Mainland authorities’ implementation of the paid-leave system per the Chinese labour law, according to TDM Radio.
Mr. Ho, who is a member of the National People’s Congress (NPC), told reporters that the Macau representatives of the NPC and The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) had met with the National Tourism Administration, which is studying the adjustment of Chinese holidays so that they are not all at the same time. This follows Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s suggestion of deepening the paid-leave system in China in his recent work report.
The AL president perceives that no place in the world can manage the number of Mainland tourists if they take their holiday at the same period. He also claimed that it is not [enjoyable] travel for tourists if traffic, hotels and sightseeing sites are crowded.
Meanwhile, asked by reporters if there is a possibility for Macau to see movements similar to Hong Kong’s Occupy Central, Mr. Ho replied that “Macau does not have a Central,” TDM quoted the AL head as saying.