House rules


From a total of 3,267 public housing units inspected by the Housing Bureau (IH) over the course of last year, a total of 49 suspected irregularities were found, according to a release by the government body.
Of the total irregularities, 40 were for suspected non-compliance with the condition of permanent residential occupation of the housing units, with seven owners having returned their housing units and three owners having already received a government refund.
Of the remaining nine cases, five involved the suspected free of charge handing out of the housing units, two were for suspected changes in the units for commercial purposes, and two were for suspected illegal renting of the units.
According to the Public Housing Law, in the case of a purchase contract being revoked, the public housing owners are entitled to a refund of the payment made for the housing unit, after a deduction of the amount loaned to any bank entity, 1 per cent of the total purchase value of the fraction (to pay back administrative expenses), and any expenses for reconstruction of the unit and outstanding living expenses such as electricity and gas.
According to the MSAR’s Governance Action Lines (LAG) for 2017, there are currently 47,774 public housing units in the MSAR, with the government pledging to build a total of 12,600 public housing units in the short and medium term, and 28,000 public housing units in the New Area Zone A in the long term.