IFT to launch postgraduate programmes


The Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) is planning to launch postgraduate programmes, according to the institute’s response to Business Daily enquiries.
The launch of the programmes will be commenced after the new Higher Education Law is passed and the Charter of the institution is revised.
Currently, the education institution provides diploma and degree courses as well as short courses and executive courses.
IFT’s approach to introducing the postgraduate programmes is ‘to contribute further to the enhancement of the quality of the local workforce,’ one primarily engaged in the gaming and hospitality industry.
The Institute is also seeking to attract more local and international students and faculty and provide international exchange experiences through its ‘ever expanding network.’
The tertiary education institution, being the only one from Macau ranked by the QS World University Rankings within the hospitality and leisure management field, was ranked second in Asia in the field of hospitality and leisure management in 2017.
It is also ranked 18th in the same field when compared to the rest of the world.
‘We expect to raise more awareness of the Institute in Asia and the world as one of the top institutions of higher education in the Asia Pacific region that specialises in tourism and hospitality,’ reads the IFT reply.
In the wake of the recognition, IFT is expecting ‘more local and international students and faculty to become aware of the quality of the Institute’s programmes and consider [the pursuit of] their studies or career at IFT.’
Meanwhile, the institution has been collaborating with local tourism and hospitality organisations, providing professional and tailor-made training for tourism and hospitality enterprises, student scholarships and internship programmes.
The education institution claims it will further enrich its intercultural exchange on campus.
IFT expanded its campus to the former facilities of the University of Macau, in Taipa in 2015, when the land was granted to the institute by the MSAR Government.