Incineration service contract costs MOP65 mln


The MSAR government has put some MOP65.85 million into the new contract with Consórcio CCSC — Incineração de Resíduos de Macau, to provide waste incineration and sludge treatment services in the city. According to a dispatch released in the Official Gazette the amount will be paid in three instalments over three consecutive years, starting this year. The first allocation is MOP24.5 million, with MOP26.1 million slotted for next year and MOP15.2 million in 2019. The ‘Macau’s Environmental Condition in 2015’ report released by the Environmental Protection Bureau, revealed that some 500,000 tons of waste were sent to the local incineration plant in 2015, a figure higher than other neighbouring cities in terms of the quantity of municipal waste per capita.