Last wishes


The last weeks have been fertile in terms of debate in the Legislative Assembly. It was, first, a discussion over internal rules of the chamber, then the common property management rules and, last but not least, the frame budget law.
We have seen a cascade of criticism envelop them all. It seems that after four years the members have finally woken up and started to put in cause the government’s policies and proposals. In relation to internal rules, it seems that there is a more papist than the Pope attitude, with the sole goal of being in the good graces of the council of the gods who are up there or down here. The final result was different from what was expected and proposed. The same applies to the management of common properties law, which was not passed and sparked lots of discussion. And now the budget frame law.
Well, with all due respect, it seems that instead of thinking in the long term of our city some Legislative Assembly members have embarked upon a hidden campaign for the September elections. Hopefully, the misdeed interpretation of the electoral law does not apply to them.
Being part of the representation of the population, our Legislative Assembly reflects its sources.
By the way, a recent study revealed that a great portion of the election candidates were not born in Macau. All of them must take this into consideration when in the future, laws restricting rights of non-residents are passed.
People tend to forget where they come from – their social origins and, especially, their territorial place of birth. It is human and natural, some say. However, in all our lives’ steps, one should consider the difficulties faced by our ancestors that shaped our personalities. The fact that we are in an elevated social position should not overshadow our views. In fact, one might say it is incumbent upon those who were born in a different region to respect the rights of newcomers looking for a better future for themselves and their families.