Legislator urges info on land involved in Ao Man Long case


Legislator Kwan Tsui Hang has submitted a written enquiry regarding the idle plots of land and called the government ‘incompetent’ for not having revoked these [titles] and putting them back into use.
She said several concession contracts regarding a handful of plots of land involved in former Secretary for Land and Public Works Ao Man Long’s corruption case were deemed as invalid by the courts but the authorities have never informed the public with follow-up information regarding the procedures involved in processing these plots of land.
Kwan Tsui Hang pointed out that since 2009 the government has carried out works regarding idle land inventory and has announced that there are 48 plots of land of which interested parties can be identified. But after the government said they had taken action such as hearing to declare the invalidity of the concession contracts and other legal procedures none of the plots were resumed, neither is there any information.
The legislator stressed that land is a scarce resource in Macau. Even though land is being reclaimed the project will take years to finish. In order to meet the need of housing, transportation and other infrastructure building of local residents, idle land that already exists should be made the best use of as soon as possible.