Local and central gov’t react strongly to EU report


Responses by both the local government and the central government regarding the two European Union (EU) reports – one each on Macau and Hong Kong – reject the annual reports, with the local government calling it ‘irresponsible commentary’ that ‘doesn’t conform with the facts’ as well as an ‘interference with the internal politics of China’.
The response was provided by the local government’s spokesperson via the CGS Information Broadcast System.
China’s official response, given in a press conference on Thursday via the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Geng Shuang, stated “we require the EU to stop the wrong practice and its interference in Hong Kong and Macau affairs, and do more to develop China-EU relations instead.”
The spokesperson, however, praised the “enormous success” of the One Country, Two Systems practice, also praised in the EU report, noting that through it the SARs “have maintained prosperity and stability.” However the EU report’s suggestion of an absence of universal suffrage and calls for increased political participation were met with strong comments from both the local government and the central government.
‘The political stability, the economic development, social harmony and the guarantee of Macau citizens’ rights in accordance with the law overcomes any possible condition ever before registered in the history of Macau,’ notes the response from local authorities.
In a similar tone, the response of the central government read: “The determination of the Chinese government to adhere to “one country, two systems”, “Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong”, “Macau people administering Macau” and a high degree of autonomy is unwavering and will not change.”