Local representative to attend Lusophone forum in Angola


Director of the Macao Business Support Centre (MBSC) António Lei Chi Wai will attend the Economic Forum on Sustainable Cities taking place in Luanda, Angola on April 20 to discuss development funds in Mainland China.
The head of the department under the Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) will focus on presenting information about different funds from the Mainland such as the Africa Development Fund and how Angola can obtain access to them through the MSAR.
The Forum is part of the activities of the 33rd General Assembly of the Union of Capital Cities of Portuguese Language (UCCLA) that is to kick off on April 19 in the Angolan capital.
Francisco Viana, President of the Luanda Business Association and of the Portuguese-speaking Businessman Forum, said the Forum is a partnership with the UCCLA and the Luanda Administration Committee, and expects the event would attract 200 attendees to debate current issues of interest to both the public and private sector.
Mr. Viana and the mayors of Almada and Cascais municipalities in Portugal, the Mayor of Mozambique capital Maputo, and members of the regional government of the capital of São Tomé and Príncipe, will all attend the meeting.
“We believe that Angola’s dynamism will have an impact in this business forum, in which we will be in a position to provide entrepreneurs with a dialogue with city leaders, while allowing municipalities an opportunity to share their success stories,” he added.
According to Mr. Viana, the theme of the Forum has been selected in consideration of the current modern requirements for cities worldwide.
“In Angola’s case, sustainability means not to only depending on oil energy but seeking alternative renewable energy sources, and finding ways to manage its solid waste and explore rainwater more efficiently,” the businessman said.
Mr. Viana also added that class inclusion is an important issue as “a city is not only good to rich people but [should] also [be good] to poor people”. with Lusa