Macau ranked 5th in N. Asia for visa-free access


The MSAR has been ranked 5th in the North Asian region for its visa-free access outside the territory, according to the 2017 Visa Restriction Index by global residence and citizenship advisory firm Henley & Partners.
Data shows that Macau has had the biggest climb within the region, with visa-free access to a total of 127 places, an addition of four places from one year ago.
The neighbouring city, Hong Kong, remained the third in North Asia, but dropped from 20th last year to 22nd globally, with visa-free access to 152 countries.
Meanwhile, Japan (free-access to 172 countries) and South Korea (170 countries) took first and second places in the North Asian region, respectively.
Mainland China, on the other hand, stood at 6th place in North Asia, while ranking 85th when compared to the rest of the world, with visa-free access to 51 countries.
In terms of worldwide ranking, Germany topped the list, with visa-free access to a total of 176 countries.
The firm’s Visa Restrictions Index is an annual travel freedom ranking produced in collaboration with the International Air Transport Association.