Managing territorial waters


With the aim of promoting the management and development of the Macau SAR’s new territorial waters, the government has officially established the Coordinating Committee for the Management and Development of the Maritime Jurisdiction Areas.
According to the dispatch published in yesterday’s Official Gazette, the Committee will be presided over by the MSAR Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On and will be composed of 28 members, including five Secretaries for: Administration and Justice; Economy and Finance; Security; Social Affairs and Culture; and Land, Public Works, and Transport. Other members include directors from the Customs Service, the Tourism Office, the Marine and Water Bureau, and the Labour Affairs Bureau, as well as other advisors.
The Committee has been created to monitor and evaluate the management of the areas within the maritime jurisdiction; to promote research and coordinate the elaboration and execution of the specific and global management and development plans for those areas; and to promote the elaboration of legal texts related to the management and use of maritime areas. In addition, the group is tasked with establishing guidelines and producing the necessary instructions for the exercise of the Committee’s own capabilities.
Its creation follows the establishment of 85 square kilometres of maritime area for the Macau SAR by Decree of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) no. 665 on December 20, 2015.