McDonald’s to launch three more stores this year

McDonald’s Macau celebrated the 30th anniversary of its first store in the territory yesterday.

McDonald’s is to launch three new stores in the city this year, said its local franchisee Golden Burger (Macau) Food Company Limited and Developmental Licensee yesterday.
Speaking on the sidelines of the celebration event of McDonald’s 30th anniversary in the MSAR, the CEO of Golden Burger, Michelle Ho, said the locations of the proposed new stores have already been selected.
“The [locations of the] stores have been already confirmed but I won’t comment until the stores are opened,” said the businesswoman. “It will be a nice surprise when the stores are opened…[which are] coming soon!”
There are currently 29 McDonald’s stores in the city.
Meanwhile, the CEO declined to disclose the business results of the company, only saying that they “haven’t seen any decline in the business for the past 10 years”, adding that “there is growth every year”.
“We continue to grow our business year-on-year especially in opening new stores so I can say that it is satisfactory,” Ms. Ho remarked.
Asked about the company’s future plans for McDonald’s Macau, the company executive said the group, from the perspective of franchisee, will continue to expand its business by increasing the number of stores in the city.

Changes in 30 years
Asked what the differences are between the company’s business now and then, Ms. Ho commented that the store portfolio of the group has extended from only a few stores to covering all transportation hubs such as Macau International Airport and the Ferry Terminal, in addition to all major casinos.
The CEO remarked that the company’s customer base has also changed but added that “Macau local citizens are the higher frequent customers and the most loyal ones”.
Meanwhile, the founder and chairman of Golden Burger, John Ho, remarked on the sidelines of the same event that the ban on live poultry and problematic meat imported from Brazil would not have any impact upon the business of the group.
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the group’s first McDonald’s, an exhibition about the fast-food chain can be seen in the Macao Science Center, themed ‘McDonald’s Macau 30th Anniversary Memories Playland”.
The exhibition is open to the public for free until May 7 this year.