Mobile phone sellers bin ‘7-day return’ policy


The Macau Mobile Phones Sellers Association has decided to stop fulfilling its ‘7-day return’ policy to consumers, the Consumer Council disclosed in a press release yesterday.
The Council expressed in the same release its regret of such a decision by the industry, adding it will pay attention to the related impact upon consumers.
According to the local consumer rights regulator, the Association last December expressed its difficulty in adhering to some of the policies of the Code of Practice launched by the Council for the industry, citing that after-sales of certain mobile phone brands have been restricted in recent years.
Having met with the Association’s representatives, the Council said the group addressed their needs to amend the Code and to stop abiding by the ‘7-day return’ policy.
The Council added it had sent a draft amendment of the Code to the Association but that the group had not changed its stance.
Currently, the Code for the industry has been terminated, the Council said, adding it would set up a new one as soon as possible.
Last year, complaints related to telecommunication equipment took up 11.84 per cent of the total that the Council received, making it the sector receiving the most complaints compared to other areas.