More car parks for Taipa Ferry Terminal


Sixty-three two-hour parking lots for light vehicles and 94 five-hour lots for heavy vehicles are being added near the Taipa Ferry Terminal, according to an announcement by the Transport Bureau (DSAT).
Given the completion of the flattening of the area near the terminal, DSAT stated that it was able to produce extra parking spaces for public use in order to meet demand.
The new Taipa ferry Terminal officially started operations on June 1 following 10 years of development and an announced cost of MOP3.8 billion (US$475 million) according to statements by the Secretary of Land and Public Works. It currently has no functioning commercial areas.
The Terminal has registered an average of 20,000 passengers and 125 sailings daily, according to information provided by the Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) to Business Daily at the end of June.