No obstructions for social housing tender mechanism


Accepting applications for social housing units on a permanently open basis is both feasible and important, according to legislators contacted by Business Daily.
The Legislative Assembly meets today to discuss whether the government should open up tenders, and a permanent mechanism for social housing.
Pan-democratic Legislator Au Kam San said that the law does not limit the government from rolling out a regular application mechanism, noting that for economic housing, the law states that new applications can only be made if new supply is created, which is not the case for social housing.
“There are a lot of social housing units that are vacant [due to circumstances] such as residents of some social housing unit already having another property,” explained the legislator.
Given that several sites are currently constructing public housing, the legislator said a regular application process is possible, noting that procedures would be complex if applications are only accepted when new units are supplied.
For legislator Song Pek Kei, a regular applications mechanism is more important than the re-opening of applications for social housing, stressing that “regular applications for social housing is an important right for Macau residents”.