Open future doors


Mr. Francis Lui mentioned in G2E Asia taking place this week that there should be no borders between Hengqin Island and Macau.
That would be a great move for the Macau economy which once and for all would enlarge our local market, not only for gaming but also – and above all – for tourism and local small and medium enterprises.
It would be an innovative move which would ena­ble our economy to think big in terms of the Pearl River Delta context. As mentioned in the past by Matthew Ossolinsky – who is probably the foreign player who best knows the Hengqin market and what is happening and is going to happen in the future in the neighbouring island – what we will see in the future is a big Macau metropolis, in which all will be integrated.
Mr. Lui had the courage to say that out loud for the government entities to hear and to let the operators prepare themselves for future investment.
The fact that Mr. Lui’s corporation already has investments in Hengqin is not negligible, of course, but it seems that the strategic track for the future is already in the mind of the Galaxy Entertainment Group.
On the other hand, we have also heard from Mr. Lui that the “millennials” must be the generation to catch as far as gaming operation is concerned.
It is, once again, a fresh breeze for Macau to have executives of this high rank considering that the millennials shall be the market to target. And here we shall not talk only of the gaming industry but the whole of the Macau economy.
Some governments are afraid of them as if they had a disease. The conservative parts of societies do not understand that they shall govern in the future and must put behind the old practices of the past and adapt the future to a skilled generation which with a finger can get access to information and use other tools much faster than the previous generation.
They do not follow existing standards but, rather, think globally and act globally. Macau needs them and should also govern for them. In this case, in all areas: cultural, political and social. Our kids need to teach our politicians that any false move can put an entire generation in jeopardy and break the creativity of our local minds.