Pac On Ferry Terminal operational this quarter


The new Pac On Ferry Terminal in Taipa will be operational within this quarter, the Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) told Business Daily in an e-mail this week, although it said the exact launch date has yet to be determined.
The Bureau, which is responsible for running the Terminal, had previously announced that the new ferry terminal would become ‘partially operational by no later than May [2017]’.
‘Currently, we are working closely with relevant departments and units in conducting various preparatory works, of which the passenger ship evacuation drill was completed and the fire drill will be arranged soon,’ said a spokesperson for the Bureau.
Saying that the preparatory arrangements for the opening are under way ‘intensively,’ the Bureau added that ‘lots of co-ordination works are required, including move-in arrangement, assistance on equipment and facilities installation.’
However, it did not respond to Business Daily’s enquiry about the number of people currently employed to guarantee the Terminal will be opened in a timely manner.
Started in 2005, the construction of Pac On Ferry Terminal was expected to take roughly a year to be completed, with an initial budget fixed at MOP583 million (US$72.70 million), as reported by this newspaper.
As at September 2016, construction works had already cost MOP3.8 billion from the public coffers, the government said at that time.
According to the Bureau, some of the relevant departments co-operating with DSAMA for the opening of the Terminal include the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, the Transport Bureau, the Public Security Police Force, the Fire Service Bureau and the Macao Government Tourism Office.
All these departments and units will also participate in the daily operations of the Terminal in the future, DSAMA said.