Paying a price for disclosing gambling debt


The Chairman of Macau Gaming Information Association (MGIA), Charlie Choi Kei Ian, has been found guilty of violating Macau’s privacy laws as well as failing to comply with a Judiciary Policy (PJ) order to delete information on gamblers who have incurred debts from the website Wonderful World, Inside Asian Gaming (IAG) reported this week.
Speaking to Business Daily, the PJ said Choi was also found guilty of defamation charges filed by one of his former employees, to whom Choi should now pay financial compensation.
Current local laws on personal data protection forbid public disclosure or publication of such types of information.
Contacted by Business Daily, the Office for the Protection of Personal Data (GPDG) did not provide details on the nature of the personal data allegedly disclosed by Choi at Wonderful World by the time this story had gone to print.
In his defence, MGIA’s chairman claimed during the criminal process that he does not own the website, and therefore cannot shut it down, according to IAG.
During the hearing, adjudicated at the Court of First Instance, Choi also denied allegations levelled during the testimony by Lai Wen Qu, the nephew of Yuanhua Group owner Lai Changxing, who claimed Choi told him over the telephone that he was going to upload clients’ data onto the website.
According to previous reports, Choi had already being charged on similar allegations in 2015, for publishing personal information from players registered on another platform,, who had failed to honour their gambling debts.

What a wonderful world
Wonderful World Group Limited is an Android developer that has been active since 2014. Its current mobile application portfolio comprises three apps.
In addition to MGIA, it has developed ‘Baccarat Track,’ a rough English translation from the Chinese name, and DB Duobao apps.
The company headquarters’ address is in Hong Kong, according to its website. It is unclear if it has a branch registered in Macau.