PJ busts MOP24 mln casino fraud case


The Judiciary Police (PJ) have busted a casino betting fraud case worth MOP24 million (US$3 million), according to a report by TDM Chinese Radio yesterday. The PJ arrested one casino pit manager and three VIP promoters for cheating on a poker game. The four arrested individuals are all aged around 30. The PJ said the casino pit manager was suspected of stealing a deck of poker cards from the casino, and then passing it to one of the other suspects to bring back in to the VIP room to place bets. In about half an hour, they successfully cheated the casino out of around MOP24 million. The PJ also suspects that the all the betting was done under the table, while the other suspects were recording the betting process during the game. The police say they do not yet know exactly how the scam worked or what was done to the cards. The fraud crime case is still under investigation by the PJ.