Portuguese Painters Exhibit at Clube Militar until this Saturday


As part of its regular cultural activities, Clube Militar de Macau has announced it will host the Portuguese Painters Exhibition at the Club Gallery until this Saturday, June 24.
Club President Ambrose So noted that the cultural activities – in particular music and the visual arts – are an “essential” part of the institution’s commitment to “being a place where the various communities of Macao can meet and engage in a dialogue.”
The Portuguese Painters Exhibition brings together works by three artist painters “with strong personalities and identities” – Cruzeiro Seixas, Alfredo Luz and João Paulo.
Although only the works by Seixas relate directly to surrealism, the other two are also said to be largely influenced by the latter artistic movement.
The Portuguese Painting Exhibition is the first of a set of three planned by the Club to be held this year.