Preliminary salary scheme for civil servants might be introduced in H2


The MSAR Government is currently drafting a preliminary scheme for the salary scale system for civil servants, and hoping to introduce it in the second half of this year.
The system was suggested in order to prevent the concentration of salary adjustments in certain ranks of civil servants, and also so as to provide increased flexibility in adjusting the salary rate.
According to the government’s response to enquiries by a local legislator, the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP) noted that the government will draft the document for consultation with civil servants after the preliminary scheme is introduced.
The SAFP also disclosed that the ongoing research into the system will look to Hong Kong’s experience as a guide for a similar system.
Given that the current salary structure for civil servants integrates three components – the position, rank and level – the grading salary system is being put forward amidst a review procedure of the current public servant salary structure.
The SAFP reiterated that the government is aware of the current challenges encountered by lower ranked civil servants, noting that the housing subsidy for public servants has been lifted from 30 salary points to 40, a measure which came into effect at the beginning of this year.