Property transaction values surge in 2016


The city saw a total of 14,108 building units and parking spaces purchased and sold for the whole year of 2016, with the overall sales value surging by 43.5 per cent year-on-year to MOP74.1 billion (US$9.3 billion), latest official data from the Statistic and Census Service (DSEC) reveals.
During the year, there were a total of 10,170 transactions of residential units amounting to MOP58.76 billion, with the number of units transacted soaring by 70.2 per cent and the value by 75.7 per cent, year-on-year. Of total home transactions, 8,460 were for completed units, valued at MOP42.5 billion, while there were 1,710 pre-sales of residential units totalling MOP16.3 billion.
Meanwhile, some other 3,013 parking space transactions were recorded last year, with the total value reaching MOP4.19 billion. In addition, 555 transactions of shops were recorded during the year, valued at MOP7.82 billion, and 197 office units at MOP1.32 billion.
Nevertheless, only 84 industrial units were purchased and sold during the whole of 2016, with the total value amounting to MOP1.07 billion.

In terms of pricing, the average price per square metre of usable area of residential units amounted to some MOP86,342 in 2016, a slight decrease of 0.6 per cent year-on-year.
In particular, the average prices of completed home units went up by 0.9 per cent year-on-year to MOP78,145 per square metre. However, that of pre-sale residential units slid by 1 per cent year-on-year to MOP118,304 per square metre.
By area, average housing prices in Coloane were the most expensive last year, amounting to MOP110,761 per square metre, up by 6.5 per cent year-on-year.
Home units in Taipa also registered a slight year-on-year growth in price of 0.7 per cent, reaching MOP98,696 per square metre. But those on Macau Peninsula fell by 4.5 per cent year-on-year to MOP77,276 per square metre.
Both office units and industrial units saw values decrease last year. The average price for the two types of units decreased by 11.8 per cent and 5.9 per cent year-on-year, amounting to MOP100,057 and MOP47,568 per square metre, respectively.
According to the DSEC, a total of 14,215 real estate purchase and sale contracts were signed last year, involving 14,292 properties, an increase of 36 per cent year-on-year. In addition, the number of mortgage contracts totalled 13,282, with 18,529 properties involved, a growth of 11.8 per cent year-on-year.
On the other hand, the whole year of 2016 saw building projects that will provide 5,122 new units and 3,882 parking spaces upon completion, with total gross floor area totalling 868,000 square metres. Meanwhile, gross floor area of buildings completed in 2016 was 192,000 square metres, providing 498 units and 551 parking spaces for cars.