Reconstruction not that easy


The President of Macau Property Evaluation Association Leong Keng Seng says the biggest challenge of reconstructing old buildings in the city is to confirm the ownership of such buildings. Speaking on local radio programme Macao Forum yesterday, Mr. Leong suggested the government lower the limitation for reconstruction, such as decreasing the required ratio of approval from owners of a building.
Having experience in assisting on two reconstruction projects, he added that the government’s required tax for reconstructions often adds pressure to project costs.
Lok Wai Tak, a member of the Urban Renewal Committee, echoed the view that the government should adjust the ratio of approvals from owners regarding the reconstructions. He also suggested the government introduce a bank loans scheme to facilitate and encourage the reconstruction of old buildings in the city.
In Macau, over 4,000 buildings are over 30 years old, most of which are located in the Iao Hon District.
Meanwhile, the Deputy Head of the Social Affairs Committee of União Geral das Associações dos Moradores de Macau, Sam Keng Wan, pointed out it was difficult to find the actual owners of many old buildings in Iao Hon since many residents there are tenants only.