Reviving understanding

融和门 by Billy Au

A MOP3.4 million contract to repair the Gates of Understanding (Portas do Entendimento) monument near the Sai Van Bridge has been awarded to CAA, Planeamento e Engenharia, Consultores Limitada, an Official Gazette release yesterday informed.
The contract – to be paid until next year – aims at repairing the monument, which has suffered visible decay and damage since it was first installed in 1993. It is currently closed to the public due to its dilapidated state.
The 40-metre high monument was designed by artist João Charters de Almeida e Silva in a project commissioned by the former Macau Portuguese government led by Governor Vasco Rocha Vieira.
Composed of four concrete pillars, it is designed to symbolise the historical connection between Chinese and Portuguese cultures.