Samba opportunities


These days the Brazilian financial capital of São Paulo is a place where most homes and apartments have a ‘For Sale’ sign hanging outdoors. After the 2014 football World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, we see today the biggest trading partner of our People’s Republic of China immersed in a crisis which may be an opportunity for Macau entrepreneurs. We all know that Macau as a platform between the PRC and the Portuguese-speaking countries has only included the South American giant on paper; in reality, the participation of Brazil has been hesitant.
The trade agreements are made directly in Beijing or São Paulo, with Macau, ostensibly the platform chosen by the PRC for the Lusosphere effectively sidelined.
It is now time to reset this trend and view the crisis as an opportunity to expand the manifesto of the PRC for Macau.
In which areas? Well, the first of them are the traditional areas of real estate and tourism. But, more than that; like Japan – despite delay in the process – Brazil is considering opening casinos with integrated resorts. It is seen as a way to overcome the downturn in the economy and give another boost to the tourism industry, which is one of the strongest of this huge continent.
Some of the operators, including a few that have investments in Macau, are already considering this huge prospect. It makes a lot of sense that the operators that are in the biggest gaming destination in the world be present in a potentially overwhelming market, which has more than 206 million population and welcomed 6.6 million foreign visitors in the Olympic year.
The experience our gaming operators have in Macau and the fact that we have a common language makes this country a natural destination for the investment of our companies. More than that, Brazil. And in particular its financial capital, is a mix of cultures, races and religions. A true Babylon of the world, which, if the corruption problems were different could be even a bigger power in the current world economies.
Macau companies and entrepreneurs should think big and follow the trend of the motherland. Putting Macau on the map of Brazilian foreign investments could also be a great opportunity for both sides. A decisive landmark may be happening and the wish is that the platform can be a reality.