Samsonite sales in Macau and Hong Kong up 4.2 per cent


The net sales of luggage manufacturer and retailer Samsonite increased 4.2 per cent during the third quarter in Macau and Hong Kong, according to a filing of the group yesterday with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
While the document does not name Macau, the territory is included in the Hong Kong segment. The translation of this increase in terms of the amount of sales was not disclosed. During the third quarter, net sales of the American company for the Asian region increased 10.1 per cent, or US$2.7 million (MOP21.55 million), to US$245.06 million from US$242.39 million.
In terms of the first three quarters of the year, net sales from Hong Kong and Macau were up 6.7 per cent year-on-year, while net sales in the Asian region increased 14.6 per cent to US$716.49 million from US$663.77 million.
In terms of all markets where the group is operating, during the third quarter net sales increased 9.3 per cent. Considering the first three quarters of this year, the overall net sales of Samsonite jumped 13.9 per cent to US$1.82 billion from US$1.73 billion.
The American company has a total of six stores in Macau, with one in NAPE and five in Cotai.