SARs students participate in Tencent camp


A hundred high school students from Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong participated in a camp held by Chinese Internet company Tencent Holdings Ltd. boosting and cultivating the interest of young people in technology and innovation, China News reported.
Twenty of the youths in question hailed from Macau.
As part of the Tencent Greater Bay Area Youth Plan, the Tencent Youth Camp is also aimed at the future creation of talent for the development of the Bay Area.
The camp is also held to promote the understanding and exchange of ideas between regions in order to strengthen cultural integration.
The students started the camp by boarding sailboats in Shenzhen; the tour will last a week.
During the tour, students will visit the headquarters of Tencent, Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd., China Vanke Co., Ltd., Yachang (Shenzhen) Artistic Centre and other significant enterprises and art centres in the Greater Bay Area.
Senior executive vice-president of Tencentk, Liu Shengyi, remarked during the tour launch that creativity is more important than knowledge, given the surge in new technology and business models, noting that talent from the Greater Bay Area would benefit from being connected to other regions, being transboundary in different industries, and in their creativity.