Shun Tak sells units to Pansy, Daisy and Maisy Ho

Pansy Ho

A total of seven property units in the latest development in the centre of Taipa – Nova Grand – developed by Shun Tak Holdings Limited, are set to be sold by a subsidiary of the company and purchased by members of the Ho family and one of the director’s of Shun Tak, according to a company filing with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
Ms. Pansy Ho, a director of the company, will be purchasing a total of two units located in tower 6 of the new development, with a total gross floor area of 3,339 square feet, purchasing both unit A and unit B on the 39th floor of the tower. The total price for the units amounts to MOP36.06 million.
Ms. Daisy Ho will be purchasing MOP26.07 million worth, divided between two apartments, one located in tower 6 and the other in tower 7, for a total floor area of 2,714 square metres. Both units will be located on the 28th floor of their respective towers.
Ms. Maisy Ho will purchase 2,819 square feet worth of space, divided between one apartment in tower 6 and one in tower 7, in units B and A, respectively. The total price for the purchase is MOP28.73 million.
Another director of the company, Mr. David Shum, will purchase one unit in tower 6, located on the 38th floor, unit B, with a total floor area of 1,690 square feet at a cost of MOP18.25 million.
‘Subject to audit, the Group is expected to record a total gain of approximately HK$57.4 million from the Transactions,’ notes the filing. The residential project, defined as ‘Phase 5 of Nova City’ has eight residential towers with a total gross floor area of ‘approximately 214,915 square metres providing 1,775 residential units’, notes the filing.