Sino-French co-operation in business

French President-elect Emmanual Macron

Having secured the French Presidency last Sunday, Emmanuel Macron has busy days ahead. According to previous reports, French companies abroad would have more to rejoice from Macron’s favourable stance on international trade and him embracing ‘core’ European Union values than a far right platform condemning globalisation would allow.
Rutger Verschuren, Chairman of the France Macau Business Association (FMBA) and Area Vice President for the Macau Operations of Artyzen Hospitality Group Ltd. – a subsidiary of Shun Tak Holdings Ltd. – shared his opinions with Business Daily in the aftermath of the elections.
“Macron positioned himself as an economic and social liberal, as well as an advocate of free trade and European integration,” he commented. “Macron is an advocate of free trade and globalisation who wants to strengthen links with the European Union and believes in the power and future of Europe.”
With regard to the general business outlook, Verschuren trusts there is a good reason to look ahead.
“I believe that many French businesses and expatriates in our region welcome the results, which should bring us a generally business-friendly and internationally acceptable ruling,” he commented.
Verschuren closed his remarks with a note on French business prospects in Asia, observing that “Chinese President Xi Jinping said China was willing to help push Sino-French ties to a higher level, a wonderful welcome message that sounds like Berlioz’ fantastic music to my ears. So I have confidence and my expectations are high.”