Sixth Legislative election agenda announced


The election agenda for the 2017 Legislative Assembly (AL) election was released by the Electoral Commission yesterday on AL’s official website.
In addition, the application form for organising the nomination committee was released yesterday by the Electoral Commission, with the deadline for submission of the candidate lists and manifesto to the Commission being July 10.
On September 26, the Electoral Commission will make last minute decisions to disqualify candidates in accordance with the revised electoral law if any person declines or is proved to refuse to pledge allegiance to the Macau Special Administrative Region or its Basic Law.
According to the agenda, the campaign will take place from September 2 to 15.
Commission chairman Tong Hio Fong told reporters last week that campaigning is prohibited during the period between the announcement of the confirmed list of candidates and the official commencement of the election campaign, while any activity that can divert the attention of the public to certain candidates, or those directly or indirectly inciting voters to vote for or against certain candidates would be deemed as campaigning based upon the new electoral law.
After Election Day on September 17, a dispatch will be posted on October 4 via the Official Gazette to announce the results of the election.