Smarting up


The city of Zhuhai has announced it is enhancing its Smart City Programme following a recent ‘expert acceptance check’ on its Smart Zhuhai Cloud Computing Centre, according to information provided by Guangdong Chengzi Technology published in the portal of the City of Zhuhai.
According to the portal, the Centre is being developed to provide integrated planning and information technology infrastructure services for government offices and non-profit organisations, aimed at reducing overlapping expenditure in IT infrastructure.
It was also reported that some 14 government departments have signed up for 18 systems already in operation within the Centre, which is being planned to also serve other cities on the west bank of the Pearl River Delta over the next decade.
Guangdong Chengzi Technology – a state-owned enterprise established in 2014, dedicated to financing, constructing and operating the Smart Zhuhai project – is a subsidiary of Zhuhai Urban Construction Group Co. Ltd.