Sonia Chan: gov’t currently has no intention to revise the Land Law


The Secretary for Administration and Justice, Sonia Chan Hoi Fan, stressed during yesterday’s plenary session at the Legislative Assembly (AL) that currently the government has no intention to revise the Land Law.
“I would like to reiterate that [the government] will guarantee the benefits of the [Pearl Horizon] buyers in the biggest possible scale” said the Secretary.
Secretary Chan also noted that a cross-department work force has been setup and been working on the matter in the past two years.
The head of the legislative body further revealed that the AL would review, by the end of March, the recordings of the 2013 committee meetings where the Land Law was discussed, in order to analyse if any promises were made by the government – stating that a solution would be found for land concessions made before the current law was enforced in March of 2014.
Pan-democratic legislator Ng Kuok Cheong pointed out that the government would have to resume the original construction if the government wins over the lawsuit in accordance to the Land Law; on top of that, the government determines to assist the buyers.
Meanwhile, lawmaker Leonel Alberto Alves opined that the revised Land Law is problematic, saying that “the issue is whether to resolve it or not”.
The majority of lawmakers expressed compassion for the affected buyers of the incomplete Pearl Horizon residential project and questioned the government to roll out concrete measures for involved parties to prepare for either possible verdict.
Lawmaker Alves commented that the common consensus among the entire society is to resolve the Pearl Horizon case.
In the oral enquiry made by legislator Mak Soi Kun, he questioned the government whether measures can be introduced for the current situation, noting that the majority of buyers are experiencing emotional instability which results in unfavourable impact.
A group of Pearl Horizon buyers attended yesterday’s session and made a round of applause to legislators’ comments.
Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Alexis Tam Chon Weng, suggested possible assistance to affected buyers such as counselling services, but added that no request from the Pearl Horizon buyers has been received for the time being.
Liu Dexue, the director of Legal Affairs Bureau, replied that solutions over the matter can only be drafted after the verdict is out, adding that the government is having close contacts with affected buyers.
The Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Raimundo Arrais do Rosário was absent during yesterday’s session.
Pearl Horizon, located on a site known as lot-P of the Areia Preta zone on the Macau peninsula, is designed to house 18 towers with a total of 5,000-plus residential units.
The MSAR Government announced that the developer’s land grant for the plot was invalid in January 2016, following the developer’s failure to complete the project before its land use term expired in December 2015.
According to the government’s previous disclosures, over 3,000 of the Pearl Horizon units have already been sold off-plan.