Starbucks on-the-go


Following the launch of its mobile ordering service in Hong Kong and Macau this month, coffee giant Starbucks has plans to start home deliveries of its products, according to the South China Morning Post.
Starbucks’ Executive Director for Hong Kong and Macau, Norbert Tan, stated that the group is confident it will advance with deliveries once it handles the logistics, noting that: “the drink temperatures have to be just right– you can’t deliver a frappucino that’s completely melted,” as cited by the publication.
“It’s not a question of if we will do it, it’s a question of when. Delivery is a big space that we’re looking into,” Mr. Tan told the Hong Kong newspaper.
The company launched the Mobile Order & Pay mobile system on March 11, allowing customers to place mobile orders before they arrive at Starbucks stores. The service was rolled out to all 176 stores in Hong Kong and Macau, however currently in the MSAR it is only available at the Starbucks stores at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace.
According to Mr. Tan, Starbucks has 240,000 mobile app users in Hong Kong, with 60 per cent of its loyalty programme members placing orders through the app, however no data was provided on the number of users in Macau.