Taking to the skies


As the business aviation market continues to expand throughout Asia, with China being the largest driver regionally, partnerships are increasing between Western and regional companies in the aviation industry. Such is the case of the recent strategic alliance between Business Aviation Asia Ltd (BAA) and Luxaviation Group.
BAA manages ‘high-level aircraft management services for business jet owners’ – within the Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China segment, as well as further abroad. Through the partnership, the group aims to deliver its ‘expertise in integrating advanced western experience of business jet management to China’s new and burgeoning private aviation sector,’ according to a company release.
Luxaviation, ‘one of the world’s largest private aviation operators,’ runs a fleet of about 260 aircraft with 1,600 employees globally, with 25 fixed-based operator facilities and 15 maintenance centres, and caters to ‘some of the world’s most respected private jet operators’.
BAA is fully owned by the China Minsheng Investment Group, who also runs CMIG Aviation. The group’s president, Zhu Yimin, notes that the new partnership ‘will undoubtedly help play a highly important role in the further growth and development of China’s business aviation market’, noting that it will ‘bring the combined private and business aviation expertise of East and West in one unified service offering’.
The CEO of Luxaviation Group, Patrick Hansen notes the group is ‘proud to have the opportunity’ to work with the ‘fast-growing Asian and specifically Chinese business jet market, and supports BAA to further improve its client services in the region’.
China is the largest regional driver of the business jet industry, with 477 aircraft at the end of last year, according to a report by aviation group Asian Sky. A total of 11 business jets were based in Macau, a two-jet reduction from the previous year, while in China a 4.2 per cent year-on-year growth was seen in the fleet size, similar to Hong Kong, which saw a 4.8 per cent increase in fleet size year-on-year in 2016.