The laws we have!


A few days ago I was invited to a police station because of a video that I was alleged to have put on Facebook, showing a community member violently mistreating a small animal.
The truth is that the document didn’t come from me, but because it was “shared” by me, it made the difference.
I left there accused.
A central question, for me, seems to be the old problem of sources and the need to protect them, which is also part of the code of ethics of the Societies for the Protection of Animals! Sharing this video has caused a real local earthquake!
Of course, I was well received by the authorities. They were impeccable and very sympathetic. Some of them even came over to me and apologized!
I learned in the past that “A man alone can not carry out any important enterprises.
A man has to walk with no embarrassment, in a firm, safe and free step!”
Embarrassment is what I would have felt if I had failed to share this video – capable of having much more far-reaching consequences than a simple complaint that would be lost at any police station – due to a fear of confrontation.
The truth is that when someone assumes a cause with soul and heart, he is sometimes in that gray zone between scrupulously abiding by the law and the necessity to violate it minimally to protect another more valuable asset or principle.
All of us in life have the right and the duty to make decisions, and to accept the risks that may arise from them.
Freedom is one of the most precious things we have in life, though its value is often overlooked, perhaps because only in its absence does it become evident.
But she does not always bring us roses and miracles!
I learned that nobody can publicly denounce anyone who violates a law, because the law protects the privacy of those who commit the crime.
A sense of personal dignity requires us to protect the weakest, especially those who have no voice!
Anyone who violates a law and in doing so threatens the life of another being, whether human or animal, or treats them violently with extreme gratuitous cruelty, can not expect that an organization entrusted with a document showing evidence of such cruelty against a defenseless being, will be fearful of having a confrontation with gray zones of the law.
Whoever does not know how to behave according to the ethical values that should guide their life or professional activity, especially in such an important local institution, please move, far away, if possible!