Typhoon wiped out thousands of parking meters


Macau Forehap Parking Management Ltd., the company that manages the city’s public parking meters, said that the systems of some 113 new parking meters were affected by the flooding during Typhoon Hato, with some further 1,200 old meters suffering an impact from the storm.
According to local Chinese language newspaper Macao Daily, the company has restored 90 per cent of the city’s parking meters, while some MOP10 million in damages was incurred due to the typhoon.
Meanwhile, the company expressed its concern over meeting the deadline as stated in the tender contract with the MSAR Government, to install 85 per cent of the city’s parking meters utilizing the new system by October.
Forehap revealed that at least a further 150 meters will need to be purchased, noting that orders might take three to four months, given that the supplier is located in Australia. As such, the company plans to discuss the tender arrangements with the Transportation Bureau (DSAT).

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