Unemployment rate stable at 1.9 pct


Macau’s unemployment rate hovered at 1.9 per cent from September to November, compared to the previous period spanning August to October, according to the latest data released by the Statistics and Census Services (DSEC) yesterday.
During the three months, the city’s underemployment rate maintained the same level at 0.7 per cent, while the labour force participation rate amounted to 71.9 per cent, down 0.4 percentage points from the previous period.
The total labour force in the city was 393,100 for the September to November period, some 3,900 individuals fewer, down one per cent compared to the previous period.
Of the total, the employed population accounted for 385,500, a decrease of 4,000. Meanwhile, the total unemployed labour force reached 7,600, a growth of 100 people period-to-period. Of the unemployed residents, 14.7 per cent were fresh labour force entrants looking for their first job in the territory, a decrease of 4.5 percentage points compared to the previous quarter.

Construction workers decline
In terms of sector, 22.8 per cent of the employed population worked for the recreational, cultural, gaming and other services sectors, while 15 per cent were working for hotels, restaurants and similar activities. In addition, some 10.2 per cent were employed by the wholesale and retail trade sector, while 10.2 per cent were engaged in the construction field.
In terms of number, the wholesale and retail trade sector was the only one to see an increase in workers, which jumped 2.6 per cent period-to-period to 46,800.
Meanwhile, the construction industry experienced the largest decline in workers, down 8.2 per cent period-to-period, totalling 39,300 as at the end of November.
Gaming and junket activities also registered a slight fall in the number of workers, down 1 per cent to 76,300, while the number of workers in restaurants and similar activities remained stable at 26,800 compared to the previous period.