Water samples reveal Legionnaires’ disease bacteria at The Parisian


Legionnaires’ disease bacteria were found in water samples from The Parisian, the Health Bureau revealed.
A total of 78 samples were collected from the water taps of hotel rooms, the washroom in the lobby, and shower room at the pool.
Ten out of the 78 samples contained levels of bacteria that exceeded safe limits.
The city’s Health Bureau received a notice last month from the Centre for Health Protection in Hong Kong regarding three infected patients who visited and stayed at The Parisian during their incubation period.
After receiving the notice, the Bureau conducted meetings with the hotel operator to take precautionary actions, including the inspection of water samples to prevent an outbreak of the disease.
The inspection also exposed that the hotel’s chlorine addition system for secondary water supply had malfunctioned.
Currently, the Bureau is awaiting the results of the second round of samples after the hotel took related precautionary actions.