Wholesale commerce still top subsidy scheme receiver in Q2


The amount distributed in subsidies on interest payments to the city’s local companies under a scheme regulated by the Macau Economic Services (DSE) saw a 88.4 per cent uptick quarter-to-quarter in the second quarter of the year, according to the most recent data from the DSE. The total amount approved under the plan during the quarter hit MOP135.93 million, and was attributed to a total of 26 approved requests by local companies. A total of 28 applied for the subsidy scheme during the quarter.
The utilization rate of the amount subsidized reached 22.66 per cent, given that the total amount allowed to be distributed under the scheme per year is MOP600 million. The total utilization rate for the first half of the year reached 34.69 per cent, as a total of MOP208.1 million had been distributed. In total, of the 56 requests for subsidization, 47 were approved during the first half of the year.
Of these approved amounts, the largest quantity went to the wholesale commerce sector, receiving 17.85 per cent of the total, with 7 approved requests, hitting MOP37.15 million in total. The construction and public works sector saw the second highest subsidized amount and the most approved requests for subsidization, at MOP30.27 million and 9 requests.
In between the plan’s 2003 implementation and the end of last year, the largest receiver of the subsidies has been the wholesale commerce sector, with 107 approved requests resulting in MOP493.4 million subsidized, while the construction and public works sector saw MOP395.2 million for 113 approved projects.