Online campaign


Facebook pages set up by pan-democratic legislator Au Kam San and first candidate, Sulu Sou Ka Hou of the seventh group – New Progress for Macau Association got the most fans as of September 13, according to the data gathered and provided by mnemono, an online platform developed by Coding Guys of which the developer also collects online statistical data.
With the inevitable approach of going online, most of the candidate groups had set up facebook pages to deliver their political ideas and plans to the public.
Recently, the Electoral Commission (CAEL) had also charged a group of paying Facebook to advertise and to promote them.
According to the data, aside from candidate group 1 (New Ideals of Macau), group 17 (Macau Righteousness) and group 22 (Mutual Base Grassroots), the rest of the candidate groups are active on Facebook.
In terms of the number of likes, Sou has got the most likes for his posts, with the highest in a day 2,212 likes.