Secretariat Office for Security: Pedestrian tunnel connecting Wanzai and Macau still in preliminary stage


Currently, the construction project of a pedestrian tunnel, to be built below the river in Macau’s Inner Harbour and linking the MSAR to the Mainland, is still at the evaluation and deliberation stage, revealed the Secretariat Office for Security.
In response to an interpellation made by legislator Chan Meng Kam, the Office stated that the Zhuhai Port Bureau and related departments in Macau had met several times to discuss the level of necessity and feasibility, as well as the overall planning of the ports, the location, width of the tunnel, budget and other issues.
Meanwhile, the Office is still unable to provide a timetable for the resumption of ferry operations between Macau and Wanzai, claiming that the related project is progressing.
Last year, the border check-point building of the Inner Harbour Ferry Terminal was considered to be in a dangerous condition and has been suspended since.